What kind of metals are these rings made of?

925 Sterling Silver: Silver is an alloy of pure silver with a small amount of copper,
and is the standard used in fine jewelry. Because silver is soft and malleable, the
copper is added as a hardener.

If you take care, a sterling silver ring will last for years. However, sterling silver will,
on occasion, need to be polished (just like your mother's good silver flat wear). It
will tarnish quickly if you have very acidic skin, or expose your rings to high pH, like
in a pool or spa. We have found that it is best to rinse your rings after you swim.
We have found that the best polish is toothpaste (the paste kind), although a
jeweler's cloth will work as well, as will any silver polish.

Gold Fill: Gold fill has multiple layers of gold (1/20 of the ring is gold). Do not
confuse gold fill with gold plate. If a dark spot begins to appear, which it might do
on occasion, it is the solder mark and usually can be buffed out using the same
method as polishing sterling silver. However, gold fill will rarely tarnish.

14K Gold: If you really want a ring that will last forever, 14K is for you. It is the mark
of fine jewelry. These rings are especially good for those allergic to base metals.
Polish, if it needs it, as you would your other fine jewelry.

How do I care for my rings?
You will  enjoy your ring for years with minimum care. If storing your ring, place in a
box or in a bag that is air tight. Keeping it free from moisture will help to retard
tarnish. If your ring needs to be cleaned, there are several methods, for instance,
use either a jeweler's polishing cloth, jewelry cleaner, ammonia and water,
old-fashioned toothpaste, or cleaning dip. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

Are sized toe rings comfortable?
A ring, fit properly, will be totally comfortable, like a finger ring. If the ring is worn in
the middle of the toe, behind the pad, you won't feel it. You can wear sized rings
with most shoes, although some shoes may be more comfortable than others
(example, very pointy cowboy boots). Full circle toe rings have wide appeal - girls
can wear them 24/7-- and they do.

Will my toe ring fall off?
No. The pad on the tip of your toe keeps it in place.

How can I take it off or put it on?
You can remove (or put on) the toe ring with Windex (or liquid soap); we have
found Windex best. Most girls find that they do not have to take the ring off. Never
try to remove the ring dry - you will only succeed in irritating your toe.

What toe can I wear my ring on?
This is a common question that we are asked all of the time. We suggest the toe
that is next to your big toe. Generally, this is the longest toe and the ring can be
seen when wearing sandals. The third toe is also popular. However, many girls
wear rings on every toe.

How can I tell whether my ring fits correctly?
You should not be able to remove the ring dry. You need to use a lubricant to take
it off. There should be a little bit of space so that the ring can turn, but not so tight
that it cannot be moved. If you have never worn a sized toe rings before, the ring
will feel strange for a day or so. Eventually, you should not be able to feel it.

How do I choose a ring that is right for me?
First, decide whether you want a specific color (yellow or white or a combination of
two colors). Then decide the toe you want to wear it on. Look at your toe to
determine whether it is short or long (do you want to wear a stacked set or a single
ring). If you need help to determine the best style for you, call us at
941-266-0483, and we will be glad to advise you.
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